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For info on Airlines and policies

For veracity on news

Flattenthecurve, stats updated



Amanda Bisk (14-Days Challenge)

Amira Training (Fitness Ballet)

ILiveKO (Happy Training)


Bali 360 Guide on Bali outlets (Updated)

Life’s beauty

is inseparable from its fragility.

Small realisations of my weekend: yes, I think we needed the slap on the face, but damn is going to hurt.


Despite the panic, I see as many people moving to set an easier more bearable way to go through this process, and that keeps my pompons up. Thinking that we are all in the same vulnerability boat now, I just though it was ok to share all these news that keep my mind in the right place. 

I'm keeping the pompons up by finding cool things to read, follow, support, activate... If you find more and want to share, please shoot me a line.

For love for the industry and inspiration on what we can do

talking restaurants here, my friend Laura Price compiled a list of some of the things happening around the globe, this is hitting us hard

For a bit of understanding

if you understand Italian, the amazing Giorgia Canarella wrote this article about Eating Disorders in times of isolation

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

For a book that we are collectively reading these days

The Sustainability Series by the Basque Culinary Center (playlist)

Susan David's The Gift of Power and Emotional Courage

TED is also launching a TED Connects Series around our current context, and seems like a cool line up, including Mr. Bill Gates.

Chef's Manifesto is working with Global Citizen to launch more content and #TogetheratHome, to be followed in both the IG profiles. For deeper conversations their podcast is shaping well too.

A good perspective in the big picture by Yuval Noah Harari at the Financial Times: The world after.

On the food industry after coronavirus, for Vanity Fair by Lisa Abend

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